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About Us

Kim R. Martin

about-IMG-kimKim R. Martin, founder of Result Cosmeceutical began her skin care journey in 1982, when she received her Masters of Cosmetology degree in Palm Beach County, Florida. For the past 33 years, Kim has provided her clients with impeccable results in a variety of work environments, including spas, skin care companies, dermatology and plastic surgery offices, and now at her own private practice located in Pensacola, Florida.

Kim grew fascinated with medical aesthetics as the range of skincare products, lasers, and procedures continued to evolve, and for 18 years she has turned that passion and fascination into a successful business with a loyal client base. Kim’s amazing clients are the inspiration for Result Cosmeceutical—an active, effective, state-of-the-art skin care line now featuring SIX new products with more on the way.
It’s time for RESULTs.

Dr. Jenna Rhoades

about-IMG-jennaDr. Jenna Rhoades began compounding in 2012, customizing prescription formulations and conducting private consultations with patients initiating bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Engaging in hundreds of face-to-face counseling sessions, and observing improvements in skin appearance as her patients came back to refill prescriptions over time, led to her current interest in dermatological compounding, skincare and cosmeceutical formulations.

Jenna received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Florida where she was involved with research in pharmacogenomics, or “personalized medicine”. Her work focused on genetic factors contributing to variability in drug response. It was published in the scientific journal Pharmaceutical Research, and received the Merck Award for Outstanding Research. She went on to conduct two additional semesters of research in a PhD program. Prior to studying pharmacy, she earned a BS degree with a specialization in Nutrition. She has clinical experience in medical nutritional therapy and personalized nutrition counseling. In addition, she was an author, editor and peer reviewer for Natural Standard Research Collaboration, preparing and editing evidence-based systematic reviews and professional monographs pertaining to Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She remains actively involved in the academic arena, serving as a faculty preceptor for the University of Florida teaching pharmacy intern students fundamentals of compounding.

Outside of the lab she can be found paddleboarding, doing yoga, perusing local farmers markets, or spending time with her husband and rescue dog, Hazel. Her other experimental realm is in the kitchen, where she enjoys transforming fresh ingredients into healthy delicacies.

Dr. Amy Frazier

about-IMG-mackBayouDr. Amy Frazier, owner of Mack Bayou Pharmacy, studied at the University of Mississippi and was among the first of the program’s graduates to attain the doctoral degree. She secured licensure as a pharmacist in 6 states, and her pharmacy licensure currently expands across 43 states.

An accomplished entrepreneur with over two decades of pharmacy experience, she has focused the last five years specializing in compounding. Her expertise has ranged from sterile compounding of IVs and injectables to pain management and veterinary medication. She has compounded a broad range of custom dermatological formulations including scar creams, wound care gels, and anti-infective agents as well as preparations for acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Her interest in skincare surfaced on her face, literally overnight, with the appearance of melasma during her pregnancy. A true scientist, she thoroughly explored topical treatments to lighten and soften the blotchy discolorations staring back at her in the mirror, fine-tuning and perfecting the optimal regimen for her skin. Through personal experience she realized the significance of hormonal balance on skin complexion.

She is the mother of two beautiful children who keep her active, helping her look and feel young and vibrant. She is passionate about helping others, and volunteers for causes including Muscular Dystrophy Research and the Seaside School Half Marathon.