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One of our favorite desserts is mille-feuille, a multi-layered French cake created with layers of puff pastry, pastry cream, and confectioner’s sugar. There’s something about the way that the pastry chef delicately layers the flavors that makes this cake of “a thousand leaves” absolutely delicious.

Just as the proper layering of mille-feuille ingredients is critical for the pastry chef, so is the proper layering of your skin care products important for your skin care regime. With that in mind, here are the standard Top 5 Tips for Layering to keep in mind when applying skin care products.

Tip 1: Start Clean. Begin by cleansing your face with a cleanser that is formulated for your skin type and skin care concern. Proper cleansing is critical for preparing the skin for other products.

Tip 2: Toner, Serum, Lotion – in that order. Order your layers from thinnest to densest for best results. In the same way that you would layer clothing to protect against the cold weather by starting with the thinnest material closest to your skin and finishing with a winter jacket, so should you layer your skin care products. While your skin care regimen may not include toner, serum, AND lotion, adjust your layering protocol to the formulation that you use, starting with the lightest formulation and finishing with the heaviest. Visit a licensed skin care physician who offers professional products, and who is skilled in evaluating the unique needs of your skin to learn your best options for a skin care routine.

Tip 3: Seal the Deal. Proper hydration will help create an optimal cover in order to provide the most benefit to your skin. Some moisturizers, including our Super Hyaluronic Cream, work by helping the skin hold on to its own moisture by sealing it in.

Tip 4: Finish with Sunscreen. No skin care layering practice would be complete without sunscreen. It is possibly the most important product you could put on your face. Research shows that both UVB and UVA rays are culprits in the development of skin cancer.

Tip 5: Makeup Last. Look for a sunscreen that can be applied under makeup, which is the final step in your product layering practice. In fact, if you follow our Tips 1-4, you will probably find that your makeup stays looking fresher, longer, and that will help you truly show your best face to the world.

So there you have it, the Top 5 Tips for Layering skin care products. What do you think – did we miss anything? Share your favorite tips in the comments below.


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