Why Airless Packaging?

Oxygen is our best friend; it is essential for human life. Unfortunately for cosmetic products oxygen is their worst enemy to encounter, which has lead the industry to airless packaging. By using airless packaging, it assures both RESULT and the consumer that the product will be good to the last drop.

Airless packaging has many benefits but the most important benefit is the protection it provides the product from degradation, particularly from oxygen.  By keeping the package air tight and avoiding contact with oxygen, it allows the ingredients to be preserved without adding preservatives to the formula; therefore, allowing the ingredients to remain active at their highest level of concentration. This is incredibly important for RESULT Cosmeceutical brand as our products contain the highest level of active ingredients making it imperative to use airless packaging. The airless pump bottle allows these ingredients to stay “fresh”, creating a longer shelf life. For comparison, think of it as a vacuum sealer for food. Putting food in the freezer in a bag or container does not preserve it nearly as long as a vacuum sealer would right? Yes, you are correct, it gives food a longer “shelf” life.

In addition to giving the product a longer shelf life, the airless packaging is the most sterile packaging on the market. It has taken the industry by storm. By using airless packaging, you avoid sticking your fingers in a jar over and over again, contaminating the product with each and every dip. Every time the bacteria from your fingertips is mixed with the product it is slowly degrading the ingredients over time. With airless packaging, you are unable to contaminate the product and a measured dose of product is automatically dispensed per pump.

This particular form of packaging also decreases the amount of wasted product. Airless packaging is leak proof and tamper proof and uses a diaphragm system to dispense product. The diaphragm system allows the consumer to use all of the product without the frustration of a standard pump. For RESULT, loyalty is crucial to our brand. By using airless packaging, we are providing a high end product that is good to the last drop. When delivering a high end product with the highest level of active ingredients RESULT knew the only way to provide this type of quality was by using airless packaging. Plus, there is no other form of packaging on the market as aesthetically pleasing. From a branding perspective airless packaging gives a very elegant and luxurious look while providing the most efficient, consumer satisfying delivery system.

Shaye Martin

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